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Heart and Vascular Diseases

Vein Ablation

Steps of the endovenous radio-frequency ablation
procedure are:

  1. A physician, or ultrasound technologist, uses ultrasound to map the course of your vein.

  2. Radio-frequency (closure) catheter is inserted through a small puncture or incision, usually at the knee, into your vein.

  3. Local anesthetic solution is infiltrated (infused) into the area around your vein.

  4. Radio-frequency energy is applied to heat the vein and collapse the vein shut.

  5. Patients are asked to walk immediately after the procedure. Walking is encouraged to stimulate reduced pressure on veins and minimize risk of complications.

  6. Compression stockings are prescribed for two to four weeks following the procedure.

Compared with ligation and stripping, many patients find that endovenous thermal ablation results in less pain and a faster return to normal activities, with similar cosmetic results.